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May 8, 2019 Carrington Ridge HOA Annual Meeting Minutes

Carrington Ridge HOA

Annual Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2019

1. Call to Order
President, Jay Hart, called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm. Board members present were Jay
Hart, Kim Murphy, Craig Needelman, Denny Adams and Michele Lizzio. Wendy Bolton and Erin
Billings were present representing Main Street Management.

2. Declaration of Quorum
The quorum requirement for the annual meeting is 10% or 44 members. A quorum was
established with 158 owners being represented in person and by proxy.

3. Introductions
Board President, Jay Hart, introduced the Board members, the Main Street Management team
and the Committee members.

4. Accomplishments
Accomplishments during the past year included the following:
 Pergola project, which included adding electricity
 Kitchen remodel
 Landscape improvements, mainly at the monuments
 Investment in pool equipment
 Pool fob system installation

5. Bud Henderson Development Update
Jay Hart & Craig Needelman updated the members on the Bud Henderson project, which will
include 8 public tennis courts and private football, baseball and soccer fields. Issues regarding
tree removal were also discussed.

6. Future Projects
Future projects will include additional landscape improvements, a few new park benches each
year, and continued general maintenance.

7. Financial Review
The Board reported the HOA is on track with the budget and that during the last two quarters,
the HOA had the lowest receivables/delinquencies in a very long time. There are always
opportunities for the homeowners to help out and volunteer to help save the HOA money. The
budget process begins in September and the Board welcomes any comments or suggestions.
8. Board Member Election
There are five board positions, all with a 2-year term. There are two seats up for re-election
this year and as of the deadline for receiving nominations, two candidates were received,
incumbents Kim Murphy & Michele Lizzio. There were no new nominations from the floor. The
members unanimously approved these candidates as the new Board members.
The 2019 Board of Directors is: Jay Hart, Denny Adams, Kim Murphy, Craig Needelman and
Michele Lizzio.

9. Open Discussion
The pool rules were reviewed with the members and they were reminded that they must be in
good standing to use the pool or their fob would be deactivated, 2 guests per unit are allowed,
youth’s 13-18 must pass a swim test and be given a bracelet to come to the pool unattended.
The new snack shack policy was also reviewed, which now allows members to reserve the snack
shack for holding non-profit charity events. There is a link on the website for reservations.
The proper method of communication between the owners and the board was discussed. The
members were notified that neither the Board nor Management monitor the Facebook page
and any HOA issues need to be reported directly to MSMG or the Board.
The floor was then opened to the members and the following issues were discussed: being
more pro-active with violations for lawn care, pet stations/service, violation letters and fines,

10. Adjournment
With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.

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