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May 17, 2019 Carrington Ridge Lawn Inspection Process

Carrington Ridge Lawn Inspection Process

May 2019

Main Street Managers will conduct weekly community inspections from May 20th through June 17th

During these inspections, they will be looking for the following:

• Turf with noticeable weed issues or bare spots
• Weeds in beds
• Overgrown bed plants and bushes
• Weeds/grass growing in driveway cracks
• Weeds/grass not edged along concrete, fence lines, or bed borders
• Beds with no mulch

Any lawns found in violation of community standards will receive notices following the enforcement
schedule below:

• Week 1: Email Notice
• Week 2: Mail Notice
• Week 3: Hearing Notice
• Week 4: Hearing
• Week 5: Fines applied

Owners who receive notice will need to contact Main Street immediately with their plan of attack or
their contract for lawn maintenance, or they will proceed to fine status until the lawn issue is resolved.
We understand that lawns must “grow” and cannot just be installed, but owners will need to present
proof of effort in order to avoid the fine process.

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